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Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 29 - Growing So Fast!


Brynlee had another doctor's appointment today. She has these little white bumps on her upper gums, and at first we thought they were teeth. Then we thought "thrush". But apparently they are pretty normal, and harmless, and if they aren't causing her any discomfort, then to not worry about it. So we aren't.

She is now 23.5 inches long, which is above average. Maybe she will be tall? At this rate (nearly five inches in just four weeks), I wouldn't doubt it.

She weighs 10.2 lbs. Which means in one month she has gained almost two pounds.

Yep, tomorrow will be one month old. We have those stickers that we used during the pregnancy. They gave us for the baby as well. So we will have to bust out the trusty camera (aka iPhone) and get some photos taken.

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