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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 28 - Krokodil Hits Close To Home In Chicago


Brynlee went to her first pumpkin patch today. My wife and her sister took her to a local place while I had to work. So, thanks to my job, I missed out. But I think we are going to go to a different one, as a family, on Tuesday. Not like she even understands where she is, or what Halloween is, but it's more of an excuse for us to go. I haven't been to a pumpkin patch in a very long time. I'm sure it will bring back lots of childhood memories. I remember going as a child, and I loved it.

Something else that really shocked me tonight, was about the new "Krokodil" drug that is hitting America. It's been popular in Russia for quite some time, and is made from codeine. It provides a similar effect as herion, but 3x stronger, and 1/10th the price. The scarier part about it is that because amateur "chemists" make it on the street, it is impure, and often still contains gasoline, and hydrochloric acid, which is used in the making. These compounds, when injected, cause the flesh to die, and rot. So these users are noticing there skin basically rotting from the inside out. Also it appears green and scaly, hence the name "Krokodil", which is Russian for crocodile.

Why do I care? I don't really. But it has only been a few weeks since the first reported cases of this drug in America, with two of them being local in the Chicago area. It was on the news tonight, and the two girls are sisters, and I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THEM. How scary huh? I pray for their families, since, according to the news, they are all addicts. Heroin addicts, which is already bad enough. Apparently, dealers have passed this Krokodil off as heroin, and that's how they "accidentally" used it.

Moral of the story -

Don't use ANY drugs. What is this world coming to when people are doing drugs that literally take off pieces of their bodies?

Also, drug use is not a disease. Addiction is not a disease. It is a CHOICE. And a very stupid one at that.

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