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Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 38 Day 5 - Passing A Pumpkin?


A few updates on the size of the baby. At 38 weeks, the baby is now about the size of a pumpkin!


When I think of a pumpkin, I think of a big old Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. Big. Large. Somewhat scary depending on who carved it. Ok, that's not the point.

A pumpkin is big. And I know that I wouldn't want one inside of me.

A little further research explains that they don't mean the Guinness Book of World Records Pumpkin. Just a small 6-8lb baby. So that's not so bad.

I have to say, I have gained a lot more respect for mothers, not that I didn't have any before, but I see what they go through to have children, and it's not always pretty. I haven't seen the actual birthing yet. And I'm not looking forward to it, but wow that is intense. Props to the mothers out there. Your quite the troopers.

giving birth pumpkin funny

My wife is always tired. I'm not sure if it's just from being big and pregnant, or if it's because of all the running around we have been doing. These last couple days we have kind of slowed down. These are the last days that we will ever have by ourselves.

Are we in for a big awakening? Is it uphill or downhill from here? I like to think that having children is going to be great! But I have seen a lot of kids cause lots of problems, too. I hope we raise her, and any future children,the right way. The real question is, what is the right way? Is there even one? I think family is wonderful, and if raised correctly, can only bring joy to you and others.

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