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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 38 Day 2 - Passed Out Dad


I could probably write a whole story about the dangers of eating three hot dogs for lunch, like I just did. But I really don't care, because they were delicious. Actually, they were expired. Almost a month, expired. But I ate them anyways. Why? Because I am a MAN. And that's what we do. 

Although, we usually don't do this....

Last night, after I wrote yesterday's post, we continued to organize the baby's room. I had been up at 5:30am that morning, followed by an exhausting day at work. Then a family party.

Reallly, I was pretty darn tired.

Most of the following I do not remember....

My wife said that I fell asleep. On the floor. Against the baby's crib. With my iPad underneath my head, like a pillow, and my iPhone still in my hand.

Anyone that knows me, knows that this is not that hard to believe. I am glued to my phone. Then again, who isn't these days?

I wish she had a picture.

Here I was, sleeping on her new pink shaggy carpet. It looks really comfortable, so I don't really blame myself. But how did I end up on the floor in the first place? I must have been so tired that I don't even remember sitting down? Apparently, I wasn't helping organize too much.

I have a feeling that once she is here, this type of situation will happen quite a few more times. Long, late nights feeding, and comforting the baby. I know that many parents find that sleep is not as prevalent as before-baby. There are loads of stories about parents falling asleep in the nurseries, and other odd places.

I will remember last night as the FIRST of many future awkward sleeping locations.

pregoformen nursery

(Also, if I don't write for a few days, assume that I am in the hospital for hotdog food poisoning.)

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