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Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 38 Day 1 - Get Out The Dreft


I met my wife at my parents house, after work. Some of my family was over swimming. When I got there, we started grilling out. Burgers, chicken kabobs, and sausages. They like when I cook, since I am the "culinary-inclined" one in the family. 

One of the friends of the family has a newborn, and two other small kids. So we were able to have a little taste of what we will be experiencing shortly. I didn't hold him, but my wife did for a while. She likes that kind of stuff, but I am still a little shy with babies. I'm sure it will be different with my own. 

Right now we are in the babies room sorting some more of her stuff. Also putting together a pile of her clothes, and blankets, etc, that needs to get washed. We bought a big bottle of Dreft laundry soap. I never realized that babies have different laundry detergent than us. I have learned quite a bit about newborns and being a father already, seems like something new every day. And she isn't even here yet. 

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