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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 36 Day 3 - Car Seat Safety


I posted a picture of our Britax car seat on Instagram. It has a head support/positioner insert (or whatever they are called, to support newborns) already strapped in it for the ride home from the hospital. They are made to keep newborns snug in the carseat, because they are simply too small when they are first born. 

However, I had a couple comments left right away. Apparently, they are not approved by any carseat manufacturers and will void the warranty. In other words, they can be very unsafe. I never even thought twice about that, but it does make sense. Whenever you tamper with anything made for safety, it usually isn't a great idea. The carseat manufacturers design the seats so that try are safe as possible. 

If you mess with the airbag of a car, chances are it won't be as effective in the even of an accident. Same situation here. So we will really have to look into that. I'm glad they said something. 

Something to keep in mind!



Some info I found from

  • Babies need support to keep their airway open. As your child grows the angle may be adjusted, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Most car seats have built in angle indicators or adjustors to assist you.


Extra Support
  • If your baby needs support, fill the empty spaces with small, rolled blankets on each side of the baby’s shoulders and head.
  • If there is a gap between the buckle and your child’s groin (common for young infants), try placing a rolled washcloth or diaper in the space for a more secure fit.
  • Thick padding must not be put under or behind the baby unless it is recommended for use by the manufacturer.

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