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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week 35 Day 4 - Love With Food


Love With Food

$12 per month

Woohoo, another subscription box. I'm sure you are all getting sick of these by now. Either that, or you are so interested, and bought one of each. Yes? No?

Either way, this box is a good one. It's only 12 dollars per month, if you buy it on a montly basis. It differs if you buy a longer "plan". Like an annual subscription, turns out to be only 10 dollars per month. I can barely buy anything at the grocery store for 10 dollars. So to get a box full, and then shipped to my door, is pretty impressive. Oh, and did I mention that for every sale, they donate a meal to a hungry child? Read more on their website....

Here is what was in my box -

Nice packaging

List of everything included.


Organic candies

Even comes with a $50 gift card, to

Full box!

This box is definitly worth every penny. The contents are nutritious, and pure. The price can't be beat. And the fact that they donate as well, makes it a great choice for yourself, or for a gift. Try one out, you'll look forward to the next!

Love With Food

*See Disclaimer

Not much news on the baby front. Same old, same. We did get a couple more gifts, but instead of spoiling them on here, we will share them at the baby shower. Or at least I think that is what my wife has planned. I let her decide all of that stuff. It's easier that way.

I picked up about 5 pounds of Salt Water Taffy today at work. Apparently it wasn't selling, so they discounted it huge, for the employees. As you can see, I paid $1 per bag. And with my employee discount, my total came out to $1.93. Not bad huh?


*Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, the products reviewed have been provided to me at no charge. All opinions are my own. I will never recommend a product that I do not believe in. This is not a paid review.

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