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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 35 Day 2 - ManHands Soap Co.


My wife called me earlier and said she is having pains in her stomach area, she thinks they might be contractions. Most likely Braxton-Hicks, but you never really know. We could technically have the baby anyday. Hopefully not, because it's a little early, and we aren't quite ready for her yet! At least wait until after the baby shower, little one.

I got up early and washed my car, brought it home and waxed it, too. I know that most men would like a son to be able to teach this type of stuff to, but I am just as excited to teach my daughter how to do these things. She will know how to wax a car, and how to change the oil. If we have a son later on down the road, he will learn too. I am not real knowledgable when it comes to all that car stuff, but I know enough, and it all comes in handy.

Man Hands Soap Company

Manly Scented Soap

This one is for the guys! I had the opportunity to sample a few of these soaps from Man Hands Soap Company. As soon as I saw their website, I instantly thought - HOW COOL!

What is better than smelling like your favorite manly thing? Want to smell like money? They have a Cash-scented soap.

Want to smell like the race track? Sure, they have that one too.

How about a nice sweet cigar? Got you covered.

Tell me that is not the coolest thing since sliced bread? Check out what I got in the mail!

Quality packaging, neatly organized.

A magnet for the fridge! Check them out!

Legit stuff, love the coconut oil!

It's funny because it really does smell like cash! Still smells great on the body, too.

Scent is spot-on! But still smells good!

This one is something I couldn't use everyday. But hey, it smells like it's supposed to!

All of these are made by hand. The packaging is superb, they look like something you would find at your local store.

Make sure to check out their website for all of the different scents. Some are really "interesting".

These would make great gifts for the dad, or any man in your life.

They are around 7 dollars each. I think the value is worth it just for the uniqueness, and the laughs you will get as you give these as a gift. But, they are fully functional too!

Some scents available include dill pickle, democrat, beer, margarita, baseball glove, fresh cut grass, new car scent, pizza, spring break, summer citronella, top soil, and tons more.

Thanks, Man Hands!

Man Hands Soap Company
Twitter - @ManHandsSoap
Facebook - ManHandsSoap

*Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I do not endorse products that I do not believe in.

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