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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 32 Day 6 - Shower Cake


Heading out to go to a bakery to pick out a cake style that we like for the baby shower. I am actually off of work for once on a weekend. Had to request it, because they usually aren't freebies. So hopefully we can find a cake flavor that we want, and get that taken care of today.

We also have to stop at the hospital and get her breast pump. We found out that our insurance covers most of the cost, we have to pay up front, but will get reimbursed within the next month. Those things are expensive, so this isn't a bad deal. Make sure to always check with your insurance company to see what they cover. I wouldn't have thought of this but we seen somewhere else that this is possible. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Maybe I will be able to talk to my wife into letting me get some new jeans. I'm going on like 3 years on my current pairs. I'm sure I won't be able to get much of anything after the baby gets here, so time to stock up now!

Not our cake. Just a photo!

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