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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 29 Day 3 - Week 28 Bump Photos


Went golfing yesterday with my dad and uncles. I have only golfed a couple times in my life(usually with alcohol involved). So I'm not very good. My dad got me a set of clubs this last Christmas so I was finally able to try them out. Went to the driving range for a quick bucket of balls just to get a feel for the new set. 

I think I did pretty well. I was able to hit the ball pretty solid with the drivers and the wedges. But, I'm far from "good". 

We then went to a small 9-hole range where I did the worst of the bunch, but not by much. They all have a lot more experience than I do. I still had a a lot of fun. 

We finally took some 28-week photos yesterday. Even though we are technically a little late. People are also telling us that they have received our baby shower invites! So that's exciting. 

I have a lot more I will be putting up. Check my Facebook page for more!

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