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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 19 Day 6


Started a baby registry yesterday. It's nowhere near finished so don't bother looking for it. We will send out more info with the baby shower invitations. It's surprising to me how much stuff we will need and also how much it all costs. That's the first time I've ever had to walk through any baby store. It's not my last.

I start my vacation at 6pm today. Woohoo! It's already nice out today. As a matter of fact, I am sitting in my car on break and had to start it and turn the a/c on to cool it down from sitting in the sun. That's a first for the year.

We met some of our neighbors yesterday and they all seem nice. They are young like us and the couple that just moved in below us are expecting as well. So maybe we can make some new friends. I know my wife was talking about someone to walk the subdivision with while I'm at work so maybe that will work out.


I'm on vacation!!


Ran to Hobby Lobby after work with my wife. She talked to the girl downstairs and she got a lot of cool home decorations for cheap. So of course she wanted to go and check it out. We got a few things for the walls and outside. Maybe we'll go back next weekend and get some more.

She made pork chops and quinoa for dinner. It was really good.

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