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Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 19 Day 1


Stuck by a train on my way to work. Of course!


Was a few minutes late to work. I got stuck again by an accident partially blocking the road. Oh well. They understood at work.

My mom and stepdad, and my aunt came over last night for a cupcake. It was exciting to watch their faces when they looked inside the cupcakes! I think we are going to go to my wife's parents today after work. They still don't know yet either.

I forgot to add to my blog last night after everyone left. She made étouffée for dinner. It's a Cajun dish with lots of spices and shrimp and rice. Really good. My aunt was impressed that she can just make it from scratch, no recipes! I put a picture of it at the bottom.

Alright back to work!


My wife met me at work when I got off, so that we could take one car to my grandparents house. We wanted to deliver our cupcakes to them so they could get in on the fun! They were excited, too bad we couldn't stay long.

We then went to her parent's house for another delivery! Her mom and grandma guessed RIGHT but her dad was wrong! Everyone seemed to love our idea of the cupcake reveal. She got great responses at her work too. Between my work, her work, and the few family members, we went through almost 40 cupcakes. It was fun.

For dinner we stopped at a little fried shrimp joint by where she grew up. Holy crap I can't believe it took her over 3 years to show me this place. Wow was it delicious. I got 1/2 jumbo shrimp and 1/2 lake perch. Everything was so good and the shrimp are HUGE! It was kinda pricey but definitely worth it! And next time I know I could order less.

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