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Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 18 Day 5


Just in awe about all this Boston bombing stuff going on. They have one suspect shot and killed after a shoot out last night. The other is still at large but it seems like they know where he is. They are brothers. Unfortunately it seems like a huge hoax from the government just like Sandy Hook seemed. There is so much hidden information and everything is so broadly explained that I'm not sure I believe it all. There was proof that the same lady who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting was also injured in the Boston attack. Now how could that be? Different name, same exact photo of the lady. Interesting. Also, controversial laws were being passed while everyone's attention was focused on Boston. So, believe what you'd like, but a lot of it is fishy.

I have to work at 1pm and my wife is at work. She can feel the baby moving around now. She tries to get me to feel it but I always miss it. Pretty soon it will be kicking! Tomorrow we find out the gender, however I don't know if that means everyone else will! So don't get too excited.


Second suspect is caught!! Unfortunately someone else will just continue it eventually. The war with terror will never end.

I'm about to leave work. The other guy who I was closing with called off. So I had to close by myself. It's not really a big del it is just very boring being here by myself. The first 4 hours I have coworkers here but the last 4 I was by myself. Time goes slow because there isn't much to do. Oh well.

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