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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 18 Day 4


I'm off today but my wife woke me up while getting ready for work. I'm usually up early anyways. I'm getting old I can't sleep in like I used to.

It's raining like crazy outside. All kinds of flash flood warnings are on the news. Even yesterday my work had a small pond forming in the parking lot. As I am writing this a huge lightning bolt struck nearby and knocked our power out for a minute or two. It's back on now.

Comcast is supposed to be coming o install our Internet this morning between 8am-10am but I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't do it. Number one because if the crazy weather. And number two because I'm not even sure if we are allowed to have Comcast here with our association rules. Hopefully they will be able to tell me because the owner has n idea. AT&T should be available but for whatever reason they keep telling us that our particular unit is not available for service at this time so I'm not waiting around. We need Internet more than television. We'll see what happens.

Apparently I'm a day off.... I thought I was right but according to the pregnancy tracker, and our due date, I'm wrong. I've been wrong before so this is no surprise.


Due to the flooding being out of control around here, the Comcast installer called me and said I would have to reschedule. So I did. I rescheduled to Monday. However I got to thinking, I'm not sure if I really even want Comcast Internet. I decided to call AT&T one more time to tell them that we want their dsl service but can't figure out why every other neighbor can get it besides us. She informed me that it showed as available in her system so they must have recently changed it. I decided to get the dsl through them because we can bundle it with our directv. So now they are sending a kit for me to set up Internet with. Hopefully it will be here Saturday. I have to go buy a modem at Best Buy or wherever because I opted out of the one you can purchase through them. They overcharge and it's just not worth it. So I had to call Comcast back and cancel with them. They were very easy about it.

I guess there's also some sinkholes popping up around the city. What in the world is going on lately?! Explosions, floods, now sinkholes??


Went to best buy and got a dsl modem so that we are all set for Internet. Just have to wait for the start up lot to arrive now. I saw all kinds of flooding all over the place while I was out. Fields turned into small lakes, roads closed due to standing water, detours everywhere, not good! Luckily there isn't any water around where we live. Even if there was we are on the 2nd story so it wouldn't matter much other than our vehicles.

I received an email from our insurance agent stating that if we add renters insurance for a coverage amount more than we will even need, our monthly cost actually goes DOWN around ten dollars because of the extra multi-discounts they can apply. So of course I added it, why wouldn't you? Plus all of our personal belongings are now insured. Great!

It's getting to that time of day when the hardest decision has to be made... What is for dinner? And I still have no idea and I know she doesn't either. She should be home real soon so we will figure it out ten. Until then I guess I will work out.


Well we went to OfficeMax to get a dry erase board calendar. That way bills and other important dates are organized.

We then went to a little family restaurant for dinner, it was pretty good. It's on the south side of town. Lots of hillbillies there.

Then went to target to get a couple thins. I feel like we are at a store everyday. That's why we need to make more money. I needed some replacement heads for my electric razor. 25 bucks. What a ripoff. I actually was going to get the wrong ones which were more expensive, but luckily my wife noticed that they weren't correct. Sometimes I don't know how she knows these things but she does. She's very good at remembering small details. Me, not so much.

She bought belly butter by Burt's Bees. She's getting quite the bump now and her cousin recommended to start using that on her stomach. It really helps with stretch marks. She is going to start using it ASAP.

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