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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 25 - Baby Poop Launcher


Coming close to a month old already... Where has time gone? Everyone warned us not to blink, because they grow so quickly. It seems like just yesterday, that I was seeing her coming out of places that I don't think I care to witness again. But it's ok, because every day she is becoming more and more a part of our normal routine. It's like she has always been here.

She has become very talented at launching spit-up, and even poop. She could out-distance me, that's for sure. But we aren't going to compete, because that would just be a mess.

She spit-up all over my wife today, while she was trying to burp her. She seems to burp, and then spit-up, regularly. We basically plan for it now. A couple days ago, she tricked my wife into thinking that she was done pooping, but while the last wipe before a fresh diaper covered up any sort of potential hazard, a forceful stream of recycled breastmilk made it's way through her little body and into an airborne disaster. My wife's face was priceless. Mostly because the poop covered half of her upper body, but also because she couldn't believe it! I found it funny, and impressive.

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