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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 39 Day 4 - It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad


Wife is back to work today. She is training the temp who will be replacing her for the next 6 weeks starting whenever this baby decides to join us. Hopefully soon.

I actually was supposed to be off of work today, but I was asked to come in for a few hours early this morning. I obviously couldn't pass up the overtime. I told them that I needed to be off by 11a.m. so that I could get in a round of you-know-what...

Almost a hole-in-one!

We are going to her (hopefully) last doctor's appointment today. We will find out how dilated she is and when the doctor is thinking she will have the baby. Though, it is very hard to predict accurately. She also needs to fill out hospital papers, if she hasn't done it online yet. Maybe she has, I can't remember...

I had a post on Twitter yesterday and was intrigued by the response I got from one of my followers -

Her response was "Real Father".

This brings me back to yesterday's writings. I don't ever think about the single mother's, and the children, that don't have father figures in their life. It has never even crossed my mind to NOT be a father. But there are so many fatherless kids. And adults.

So her response hit me hard. I had to wake up and realize that not everybody is like me. They don't look at life ahead and imagine it with their children by their side. They aren't working hard to create a safe environment for the children to grow up in. They don't look at overtime opportunities as a way to help to provide necessities for the family. They don't care. Or they take out their other issues on their kids and abandon them.

It's very unfair for the children. No kid deserves to not have a father. If the father passes away that's a whole different situation. But for any father to just abandon their child, whether it be to get away from the mother, or because they simply didn't want kids, is just RIDICULOUS.

All you have to do is watch Jerry Springer, or Maury Povich on television.

Like they say, "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."

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