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Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 39 Day 1 - The Final Week


It's the last week of the normal pregnancy cycle. We are both ready for her to be here. My wife has been in quite a bit of pain the last couple days. She hasn't got much sleep because of it. She gets a lot of sharp pains around her bladder. The doctor said that the baby can be up against the bladder, or a nerve, and everytime she shifts it causes a shooting pain. She has almost been in tears because of it. But it only happened a few times. Most of the time she is fine, just uncomfortable.

We went to Carter's baby clothing store to find an outfit for her to come home in. They have a lot of cute baby clothes to choose from. After a little debating, I helped her pick out her little dress. You will see that when it's time!

I found some other appropriate clothes for her while I was looking around...

I told my wife that any of those three would be great for her to come home in.... She thought that a dress would be just fine. Whatever.

Oh, and the doctor also said that my wife might want to think about telling her work that Friday will be her last day. It's too close now, and most women take the last couple weeks of their pregnancy off anyways. She should be getting as much rest as she can because she will be nonstop once that baby is here. I will, too. But here in America, us dads don't get any paid time off. (Remember, Week 32 Day 1 - Americans Have Never Heard Of Paid Parental Leave) So at work, I will be.

She is still trying to decide whether or not she is going to actually end on Friday. The baby might come before then, you never know. Will she make it to next Tuesday, September 17th, the due date? I have a feeling she won't. 

Place your bets!

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