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Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 15 - Walking Milk Machine


Today is my day off this week. My only one, because I am going to work some overtime at a different store, on my other day off. We could use the extra income due to my wife being off of work. Looks like she might be off for 8 weeks now instead of the original 6. It's up to her doctor when to release her. 

This baby won't stop eating. What is normal for a two week old? She eats about 4oz every time we feed her. She is looking for food probably four or five times a day. But sometimes she spits some of it up afterwards. It's like her eyes are bigger than her stomach. Her dad seems to have this same problem. (The big eyes part, not spitting up). But she seems to always be hungry. I don't think babies are supposed to eat as much as she does. But then again, she does have a few chins to feed. She's quite the little chunker. 

Today I noticed that she doesn't really like when I hold her. It's either that, or she just favors her mom. Or coincidence that she was uncomfortable or something every time I held her. Today she just didn't want me to have her I guess. She would cry and cry. I had her diaper changed, she was fed, and burped. Still cried. Gave her to her mom and she was fine. 

Now I'm thinking, wait a minute? Does she not like her dad!? How could she not? I feed her all the time! I talk to her and change her. I kiss her. I hold her and comfort her. She better like me! I try to be the best dad I can be, but I think all kids are a little partial to their mothers. After all, mom is a walking milk machine, and I can't offer anything close to that. 

Mom has been a little crabby today. Baby, too. I don't know if the normal monthly women problems are in effect or not yet, this soon after being pregnant. But I like to blame it on that anyways. Maybe she has me trained? When I am in a bad mood, I tend to occupy my time with getting stuff done. This morning I cleaned the house, after being up most of the night with Brynlee so that mom could get some rest. Now it all makes sense.....

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