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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 31 Day 7 - Great Ending To A Boring Day


Today was just another typical day at work. My wife was home all day, "cleaning". I'm not too sure what she cleaned but I've learned that it's better to just not ask. But I do know that the house is a mess. I hate a cluttered house. 

When I got home, my wife suggested that we go spend sometime at her sister's family's vacation house. Which isn't all that far from where we live, out in the country. I have never been there. It's on a big lake and the house is beautiful! It's so weird because I was just thinking earlier about how much I would love to be out on a lake somewhere, enjoying all this nice, hot, Chicago weather lately. I guess I got my wish.

We went out on the pontoon boat, first thing. I love pontoon boats. I think if I weren't human, and I was just an "object", I would be a pontoon boat....           No, not really.

Hopefully someday we can afford something like that. I would love to have a home, or vacation home, on a lake somewhere. A nice little weekend getaway.

My wife's family was there so it was nice to see them too. I haven't seen her parents in a while.

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