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Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 29 Day 5 - 29 Week Ultrasound Picture - Titus Basketball


My wife left me a "to-do" list of chores this morning. It only makes sense, considering I left her one yesterday, and she went above and beyond and basically cleaned the whole house. She also reorganized, and de-cluttered the baby's room. It needed to be done badly. Now just paint, and set up the crib left to do for that room. I think we are going to paint the bathroom as well.

Anyways I already have my list finished for the day. Boom!

Are you ready for a new ultrasound picture? This one is from our regular doctor, that we seen on Tuesday. We are going to a 3d ultrasound place later today, for better pictures. I will post those too, hopefully. Probably tomorrow or the day after.

ultrasound photo baby girl
There she is!

Also a few photos that I edited. I think they are pretty cool looking!

tinyprints 2013 baby girl
Our baby shower invites!

edited blurred cool instagram picture
edited cool instagram

If you aren't one of the millions of people who have already viewed this YouTube video of Titus, the baby basketball trick shooter, then you are missing out! Have a look and enjoy!

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