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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 20 Day 1


Wow, quite a busy first day of vacation! We got up and had breakfast, then headed out to work on some more baby registries. Man, those are tiring. They can take a few hours to do! Like I said before we just STARTED them we have to edit them and take out duplicates and do some other tweaks. She is going to do all of that because I am pretty lost with it all. Also, I'm so glad that she raised her little niece and already has an understanding of most of the stuff we will need. I could see how a mother or couple could be very overwhelmed with all of this stuff for the first time, with no experience or help. Also, every place we have registered so far has given us a gift bag, some containing samples, coupons, free bottles, pacifiers, onesies, diapers, all kinds of good stuff. I thought that was pretty neat, and didn't expect it.

It's supposed to be really nice out today so I think I will get up and get some things done around the house so that I can take the bike out this afternoon. We need to wash all of the blinds, and the baseboards. I suppose I can clean something around here this morning. We got a lot of decorations too from Hobby Lobby the other day that we need to hang. But, we are thinking maybe we should do a little painting first. Our landlord said neutral colors would be fine and he would have no problem with that when we are ready to leave. The paint they used here is terrible and wipes off if you try to clean it. We need an eggshell or something of the sort that we can wash.


Took a ride on the motorcycle to my parents house. It's really nice out. 75 and sunny to be exact. Perfect riding weather.

I came to pick up some mail and get some of my car detailing stuff that's still here. I need to wash and wax my car sometime this week. I also get to see my little dog Kody! He misses me because I would always sit down or go outside and throw his ball for him for hours. Now he is home alone while everyone is at work.

I also helped myself to a tuna sandwich because, well, that's what kids do to their parents. They help themselves! Right, mom?

My wife said that our daughter was really bouncing around in there today. Especially when she was in a meeting and had a semi-full bladder. Luckily the meeting ended before she peed herself! Lol people told me that would happen! Pregnant women sometimes pee themselves? Oh I am glad I'm not a woman sometimes!

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