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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 18 Day 2


Made some bacon and some more buffalo chicken already this morning at work. I need to start making some of this stuff at home for dinner but I don't have an electric skillet. I can do quite a bit with the Presto Electric Skillet I have at work.

Only a few more days until we are going to find out the gender. I'm not sure how we are going to tell everyone yet. I'm letting her decide that. She wants to make it fun. Sounds good to me!

She thinks she felt the baby move for the first time today. Not just a flutter but an actual movement. Should be possible. Don't ask me I have no idea.


Only an hour left of work. I wish it would go by quicker!

Almost 2000 views on my blog. Wow. That's pretty impressive considering I haven't shared it with many. Hope it keeps climbing!


She made some steak, mashed potatoes, and really good mushrooms for dinner. She cooks them in Worcestershire sauce and some other secret ingredients and its delicious. We watched "Ready For Love". It's a new tv show on NBC on Tuesday nights. I think that's what it was called. Kind of like the bachelor.

She got a random nose bleed tonight. For the first time ever. Pregnancy related? She also says that she feels short of breath a lot and that she still is getting used to the weight gain and "comfortability issues". (I don't think comfortability is a real word)

I have a fresh mango cut up for part of my lunch tomorrow. I'm excited because I LOVE fresh mango! They are usually so expensive that it's just not even worth it. Especially after being in Costa Rica and seeing mangoes littering the ground just about everywhere you look. Come to the United States and they are at least a buck a piece.

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